Absence Cost Calculator

The Absence Cost Calculator enables you to assess employee absence records and calculate a corresponding absence score and absence percentage.

Entering the start and end dates of the period, along with the number of absence occasions and total days, shows the Bradford Factor and absence percentage.

Adding details of the employees' salary shows the cost of the absence.

There is an option to put the details into a table, hence the employees name can be entered.

Absence Record
Absence Details
Date From
Date To
Working Days
Absence Occasions
Total Absence (days)
Bradford Factor
Absence Percentage
Employee Details
Employees Name
Working Hours
Absence Cost

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Note on how to calculate the cost of staff absence

  1. Date From: Enter the start date of the period, in dd/mm/yyyy format
  2. Date To: Enter the end date of the period, in dd/mm/yyyy format
  3. Working Days: Number of days excluding weekends
  4. Absence Occasions: Number of seperate occasions, or spells, of absence over the period
  5. Total Absence (days): Total number of days absent over the period
  6. Bradford Factor: Bradford Factor based on details above. Note you can also calculate the Bradford factor using the Bradford Factor Calculator
  7. Absence Percentage: Absence expressed as a percentage based on details above
  8. Employees Name: Employees name to include in table if required.
  9. Wage/Salary: Pay details for employee
  10. Working Hours: Normal working hours, you only need to enter this if pay is per hour.
  11. Absence Cost: Cost of absence, based on details above, excluding employers nation insurance contributions etc.